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I like shopping and I # ve described in detail places where you can get what you need and go shopping in Quito, Ecuador. Whether you are camping, visiting relatives or shopping for your next trip to Ecuador's capital, you will find everything you need and want. Although nothing compares to the various local weekly markets in the Andean cities, it is worth visiting a few old-established markets, even if you cannot visit the others.

If you are shopping in Quito, visit Megamaxi, which sells 593 leather goods and you can find all items in one place. For more variety, the other two markets in the same area, MegAMAXi has more varieties and The latter offers help in the selection of products. This versatile store is a great place to update your wardrobe with new clothes, shoes, accessories and other accessories for your next trip to Ecuador. It is located in Tianguez, near the restaurant right outside the door and is located on the second floor of the city center, next to the main shopping district.

If you want to explore the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon rainforest or Macchu Pichu and have unlimited questions, contact the GreenGo travel team. An expert guide will tell you a lot of interesting information about the history of Quito. If you want a guide to take with you on your trip, we recommend you get in touch with a local travel agent, such as a travel agent or a travel guide.

Quito is not as good for shopping as Bangkok or Hong Kong, but you can find absolutely everything in Quito that you can find at a lower price. If you have more time, take a day to go to the Otavalo market, which is located 2 hours outside of Quino, and you will find everything you are looking for, and at better prices. We advise you to save your money on the market if you have a lot of money, which we will talk about later.

Casa Gangotena assures you that you will be visiting a place where you can get the perfect souvenir to remember your trip to the old town of Quito. Since Ecuador is an eco-themed trip to the Galapagos, take time for a few things in and around Quino. If you plan to spend a few days in Quito to start your Ecuador trip, you can acclimatize before heading to other parts of the country, such as La Paz, the capital, and the rest of Ecuador.

Of course you have breathtaking views of the entire city of Quito and in fine weather you can even admire the majestic Cotopaxi volcano and the slightly further away Cayambe. The cultural and historical sights of Quito will make your time in Ecuador absolutely unforgettable. If you are a digital nomad or about to move to Ecuador, you should read our article on the best places to live in Ecuador. Quita has a remarkable population of expats from all over the world, which means that you will not only be confronted with Ecuadorian culture, but also get to know some of them.

Here we will visit some of the most popular hotels and casas in the city of Quito, including the famous Casa de Quita, one of the oldest and most famous hotels in Ecuador.

To get there, simply take the bus from Quilotoa to Cuenca and then the bus to Quila, a small town in the north of Quito. There is also a direct bus between CuENCA and Banos Amazon, which takes about 6 hours and costs $10.00. To get there, you can take this bus directly from Quita airport to the city or simply take the car or train to a point near the border with Peru.

If you plan to travel to Quito by public transport, you will need to go to the Quitumbe bus stop, located south of Quito. The bus stops are called Rio Coca and from there you can take the Ecovia bus. If you are travelling by bus, take one of the bus systems known as "Ecovias" in North Quita, or take a direct bus between Quila and Quilotoa.

If you are in Quito, you may as well stay in the beautiful historic center as you do not waste your time in a backpacker district that is the same in the world. This is a good time to visit if you want to enjoy all that Quito has to offer before you move on to the Galapagos. Here I will tell you about some of the tours available to Quita and how to do it instead. It is recommended as it also offers deeper tours to less well known neighborhoods such as Quilotoa and Quila.

During the day you can also stroll around the area and find some fantastic souvenir shops, see below for some safety tips for the night in Quito. Start in the new city of Quita, where many tourists stay overnight, where you will find amazing restaurants, shops and cafes, as well as a great shopping area.

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More About Quito