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I recently received an email from a person interested in moving to Ecuador telling me a story of a broker artificially inflating prices for unsuspecting expats in northern Ecuador. This post was shared by a friend who runs a real estate agency in Cuenca, Ecuador's capital. The agents took me to an area just outside Cuenca to look at an old house that needed repairs.

I used Ecuadorian friends I met on my first visit to Ecuador when I first rented here to find potential rental offers. Here's what I had to do to find a rental: After my arrival in Cuenca, they picked me up at the airport and immediately took me to the rented house they had found for me.

To find real estate offers, visit a specific newspaper, click on "Clasificados," search for "bee raice inmueble" and visit "Real Estate." In this section you will find 6 sources of real estate in Ecuador that do not concern individuals or real estate companies.

In addition, residence visas are automatically granted to foreigners buying properties for $25,000 or more, and no capital gains taxes are payable until February 4, 2018. If you enter Ecuador with a valid visa or passport, you have the same rights as an Ecuadorian citizen, which allows you to purchase property without any problems. Ecuador's currency is the US dollar (as in the US), although the coins are different and US coins are not accepted.

Combined with the ability to decide whether or not to buy insurance, a home in Ecuador is extremely affordable and can be a truly fulfilling project. There are some beautiful houses I have seen that were built to North American standards and supervised by expats with a vision. The workmanship is often better than in Canada and much more luxurious houses are built. Ecuador's houses are not only beautiful, but also much cheaper than you could ever find in the USA.

I can see many spectacular views, like this one, from the courtyard of a colonial-style apartment in Quito. The unfinished unit can be viewed from a balcony and offers spectacular views of the city, the mountains and even the sea and the sea.

Look at the questions you ask yourself and how things are different in Ecuador, and tell us. If you have any questions about Quito Ecuador real estate or other properties in the country, please share them with me on Facebook.

Can anyone, including foreigners, own or occupy real estate in this jurisdiction, including shares in real estate owned by a company? Can anyone (including foreigners) own and / or inhabit a property in the jurisdiction, including a share in a property - a company, and what taxes apply to the ownership of a property? The tax burden can be passed on to you if you are not the owner, so it is important to know the market before you choose an estate agent. Please provide a list of all fees and costs - including taxes - associated with the purchase of property in your jurisdiction.

If you follow the same procedure that you used when looking for a rental property, negotiate directly with the owner and then hire a lawyer to do the rest for you, you will have a much easier time buying a property than with an agent.

If you want to escape the stress, you can simply take your time and take a test in Quito before you come to the Galapagos, or you can rent an apartment for at least the first year you live in Ecuador. No matter what happens, it is a good idea to take a few months or even a few months before the first trip to Ecuador and then for the rest of the year.

Here we will present all the available tours in Quito, how to get to Teleferico (in quito) or to your home, take a taxi or Uber from Tele Ferico and make a city tour with an expert guide who will give you a lot of interesting information about the history of Quito. This comprehensive guide will help you decide what to do in Quito (Ecuador's charming capital) and also gives you some tips on where to exchange your money and move around. From here you can get a first impression of how it works instead of moving and getting to and from Teleferico or from Quito to the Galapagos Islands.

There are about 20 clinics in Quito where you can do a free health check-up - up to a doctor or medical check-up, the cost is between 85 and 105 USD. There are many different types of health clinics, clinics and hospitals in Ecuador and there is a great variety of properties to see. Compared to other parts of the world, such as the United States, real estate in Spain is significantly cheaper.

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More About Quito