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Ecuador has proven that a visit to the Galapagos Islands is not the only reason to visit Latin America's eighth largest country. Guayaquil is located on the western bank of the Guayas River and is Ecuador's main port. It offers a variety of tourist attractions such as the National Museum of Ecuador and the Ecuadorian National Park, but is primarily a business destination. The airport is a great opportunity for holidaymakers travelling to and from the Galapagos Islands.

The Quito bus station is located at the intersection of the Guayas River and Rio Coca Bus Station and costs 8 USD per person. The company offers 2 green buses, which are available from 4 am to 6 am and 2 red buses from 6 pm to 8 pm. You can take a bus or taxi from Quero Airport to Rio Coca Bus Station, where you can change to Metrobus in the historic centre, or take a taxi (depending on traffic).

De la prensa homerosala, 300 mbe from Quito airport and 200 m from Rio Coca bus station in the historic centre of the city.

It is located in the international airport area of Mariscal Sucre and will offer accommodation to visitors from the end of 2015. In September 2014, the Wyndham Hotel Group signed a franchise agreement with Pronobis, which owns the full-service hotel. The brand already has two hotels in Ecuador, the Sheraton Guayaquil in Quito (opened in June 2013) and the Hotel Express in Guayas (June 2014). The new building will be the company's third hotel, after the Sheraton Quittario and Sherton Guyaquils.

Accor plans to open its first Ibis hotel in Quito in the next few months, at the same location as the Sheraton Quittario and Sherton Guyaquil. IHG, which owns hotels in Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru and Ecuador, plans to expand its full service portfolio in this region through licensing agreements with local franchisees. A further hotel is to be built on the site of the international airport at the end of 2016.

Other hotels in Quito are under construction or development, including a $20 million property in Tababela, near the airport. Starwood Hotels & Resorts is exploring the site of Quitto Airport as a potential site for a second hotel, with plans for an eight-star hotel in the same location as the Sheraton Quittario and Sherton Guyaquil. Wyndham Hotel Group, one of the world's largest hotel brands, operates under existing agreements to develop and franchise eight hotels in the country under Latin America's second-largest hotel licensing agreement.

As someone who has been to the hotel before, I am always curious to hear what others have told me about their experiences at the hotel. As someone who has stayed here before and someone I have been told about its history by others, it is one of the best hotels in the country.

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